my psychiatrist was about to prescribe me anti-anxiety meds then my mom talked him out of it nice 

i just need to get my shit together
me in 2009/2012/this time last year/a minute ago/next year probably (via guy)

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Anonymous said: There is currently a real life purge going on, search the tag LouisvillePurge or go on Twitter to @kyscanner for police Intel on the situation

but I don’t get it why don’t they arrest the people


Anonymous said: ******SIGNAL BOOST***** THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Have you heard about the supposed "Real life Purges" happening in the US? There is a purge scheduled for August 31st at midnight in Jacksonville, Florida, and other rumors of purges happening in Cleveland, OH, Louisville, KY (friday the 15th) and Detroit, MI. Be safe and do your research on this topic, I am in the Jacksonville area and this is appearing on various news websites. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!!!!

how the hell would there be a real life purge everyone would get arrested


i dont know what to do

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Waited Until My Wedding Night to Lose My Virginity and I Wish I Hadn't


At the age of 10, I took a pledge at my church alongside a group of other girls to remain a virgin until marriage. Yes, you read that right — I was 10 years old.

The church taught me that sex was for married people. Extramarital sex was sinful and dirty and I would go to Hell if I did it. I learned that as a girl, I had a responsibility to my future husband to remain pure for him. It was entirely possible that my future husband wouldn’t remain pure for me, because he didn’t have that same responsibility, according to the Bible. And of course, because I was a Christian, I would forgive him for his past transgressions and fully give myself to him, body and soul.  
Once I got married, it would be my duty to fulfill my husband’s sexual needs. I was told over and over again, so many times I lost count, that if I remained pure, my marriage would be blessed by God and if I didn’t that it would fall apart and end in tragic divorce.
It became my entire identity by the time I hit my teen years. When I met my then boyfriend-now husband, I told him right away that I was saving myself for marriage and he was fine with that because it was my body, my choice and he loved me.
We were together for six years before we got married. Any time we did anything remotely sexual, guilt overwhelmed me. I wondered where the line was because I was terrified to cross it. Was he allowed to touch my breasts? Could we look at each other naked? I didn’t know what was considered sexual enough to condemn my future marriage and send me straight to Hell.
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this is important

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Anonymous said: Don't continue this purge-thing. It will ruin everything. I swear. I know what i'm talking about. Don't do this, please. There are way better possibilities. Just live healthy and if nothing helps seek help. Please don't continue it. Just stay healthy. I know you can do it! love you xx



i just purged for the first time in forever fuck


Jaden Smith has escaped